Correct posture motivation program

To raise awareness of children’s body posture defects, Klaipėda Rotary club ‘Karalienė Luizė’ has started a project dedicated to prevention of scoliosis. The aim of the project is to decrease the risk of scoliosis and other posture defects in children by actively educating the society and organizing precautionary and educational physiotherapy and swimming classes.

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In 2014, at the time of realization of the first stage of the project, specific exercise classes, activity groups in swimming pools, courses of civil safety and first-aid were organized for children. Lectures, which helped gather knowledge, necessary for further preventive physiotherapy activities were organized for the children’s parents and guardians as well. In cooperation with the Klaipėda Municipality Health Center specialists, and educatory information sheet for the target group (parents and guardians of children seen in risk group) was prepared and introduced. Altogether, 50 risk group children participated in the first stage of the project. 25 of the participating children were pupils of Klaipėda municipality care homes, 25 others – children from deprived families, recommended by the specialists of the Klaipėda Municipality Health Center.

In 2016, during the second stage of the product we designed and produced mobile stops – wall charts, serving for the pupils of schools or kindergartens and helping them check and improve their posture. The wall charts were deployed throughout the city’s schools, kindergartens and healthcare institutions. We have given away 50 wall charts altogether.


Rotary clubs ‘Concordia 1826’, ‘Senamiestis’, ‘Klaipėda’, ‘Aditė’, as well as the Klaipėda Municipality Health Center, LLC ‘Mūsų laikas’, ‘Nidos kuršis’ charity fund, ‘Lorna’ medical center and the organisers of the Klaipėda free economic zone charity football tournament had willingly become the partners of the scoliosis prevention project initiated by Rotary club ‘Karalienė Luizė’.

The project applies to the priority area of activity of Rotary International – disease prevention, and partly covers another priority field of activity – health of mothers and children.

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